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Personal Branding Workshop

06th Jan 2018

A successful Personal Branding workshop by Silly Sense in association with NWPChandigarh on Jan 6, 2018.

Agenda of the Meetup:

1. Decide the key roles and responsibilities needed to run the parliament effectively

2. Frame the general rules for the effective functioning of the Parliament

3. Decide upon the core team and their responsibilities

4. Provide orientation to the new members joining the parliament

5. Discuss the possible projects that can be taken up in the current session

6. NWP Masterclass Session - Personal Branding through Social Media by Sakshi, Founder of Silly Sense 

A connect between women from diverse backgrounds like politics, social sector, education, sports, industry, media, cinema, arts & culture, judiciary and students by providing them a platform for deliberations, discussions, debates, mentoring and for evolving reciprocal and continuing engagement on all women-centric issues and challenges.

Thank you, everyone, for coming up and working together to build powerful "personal" brands that talk business. - Mahie Raghu Sahay




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