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1st Round Table Conference- Chandigarh

31th Aug 2017

In Attendance: Eminent women from Chandigarh who will work towards improving and developing women and girls across the masses for better governance, skills and creating young women leaders in and around the Chandigarh region.    The attendees are united in the need to uplift and empower women across socioeconomic backgrounds; connecting them with leaders and change makers who can create a different future for them.    A detailed list of the attendees has been provided separately.    How were the attendees selected?   A select group of remarkable and ambitious women, who have excelled in their chosen field or profession, were presented with a recap of the 1st National Women’s Parliament 3-day conclave in Amravati.    Information regarding the goals of National Women’s Parliament as a whole and subsequently the regional and state-wise chapters and objectives of the NWP were laid out in the same presentation.    Brief outline of the conference:   Dr Prakrti Saxena Poddar and Nimrit Nain Gill began the proceedings with inviting the attendees to provide a brief introduction about themselves to all those present.    Post the introductions, the objectives of the National Women’s Parliament were laid out once again.   The attendees then participated in an interactive activity that enabled them to map out their areas of interest and how they can further develop the industry/field they’ve chosen.   An open floor discussion was then initiated.    Overall, what should we do differently in the future?          The inaugural setup of the Chandigarh chapter went according to plan. However, we need to further define the NWP program as how do we see it unfold as a chapter. Do we ask the women to pay a fee to be members and how much do we charge them?  Can NWP take financial aid?  How will the projects roll out as far as financial aid is concerned?  For e.g. other clubs have a membership fee with that they aid programs. How do we plan ours.  



Chandigarh Golf Club.

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