Development Program

Women's Social Protection

Social security for women in India, despite the existence of multiple Government sponsored schemes, is an issue that has not yet been tackled efficiently as these schemes still fail to reach the most marginalized women in society. Due to a series of systemic failures, women’s lives and work are adversely impacted in both the productive and reproductive domains. There is, thus, an urgent need to efficiently implement social security schemes for women in order to counter their vulnerability in our society.

Key Challenges

Cyber crime on social media
Dowry and child marriages
Eve teasing and Acid attacks
Access to judiciary system
Problems faced due to auto drivers


  • Ensuring safety of their kids
  • Deny the marriage if dowry is demanded
  • Parents should be free with their children and motivate girl child to use her voice
  • Make calls in between to ensure safety while traveling
  • Report abuse for multiple or fake accounts on social media
  • Higher authorities should be informed of any child marriage
  • Inform higher authorities if any shopkeeper is found selling acid illegally
  • Ensure safety of girls travelling specially in public transports
  • Strict action on cybercrime cases
  • Checking of documents required for marriage certificate
  • Ban on selling acid for household use
  • Encourage women to work in the public transport services