Health and Nutrition

The problem of malnutrition is ill-defined, with spillover effects from sectors such as agriculture and societal issues like child marriages, complicating the design of effective integrated remedies. Women in the family unit occupy the important role of ensuring dietary needs of their families are satisfied. Unfortunately, women’s nutritional status has been an under recognised problem. To improve overall nutrition through the family it is essential to promote developmental activities that improve women’s status in society as a whole. 
-Lakshmi Durga Chava, Technical consultant (Health & Nutrition) World Bank

Key Challenges

Missing girl child
Dowry deaths
Preference for a son
Female feticide
Child marriage
Girls’ education
Societal violence against women


Lack of knowledge about preventive and promotive health care measures
Malnutrition among women, children and adolescent girls
Traditions and taboos
School sanitation
Lack of focus on dietary diversification
Improper health facilities


Family Community Government
Homestead gardens Overcome myths and misconceptions Dietary diversification
Regular medical checkups Extension session for farmers to promote community gardens Linkages between agriculture and nutrition
Use of toilets and hygiene practices Intensive nutrition counselling
Adopting practices related to 1000 day practices Conduct outreach sessions in the society Use of ICT to track member wise details for timely action for referrals




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